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keivan kaveh company of the best quality products and has 12 months warranty support and after-sales service is 10 years.


A quarter of a century
Company keivan kaveh with a quarter century of experience in various industrial activities and the owners and experienced staff has always strived to design, produce and optimize the steel industry machinery, recycling and other industries, effective step to develop its industrial.
International standards
Company keivan kaveh using a skilled and efficient able to compete with other companies in the towers and obtain international standards.
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Company keivan kaveh according to customers' requirements the company has launched the online order after that our customers can easily order your product.



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Baling press - Shear T500

T500 is a fastest guillotine in this class with ability of 5 cuts per minute. It has high production capacity as it is described in technical specifications table.
It is possible to produce all three products of balling, logging and shearing only with one guillotine and one operator, in the other words, it is a tree-purposes equipment which create production capacity equivalent with 3 different machine.

Operational Process
• Baling cycle and its automatic exit
• Logging cycle and its automatic exit
• Automatic guillotine cycle




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always tries to use new customer relationship management systems and measure the customer satisfaction level in order to improve their activities and using extensive network sales outlets in the country , which has been trying to sell their products readily available to their customers .



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About Us

Keivan Kaveh Co. activity is in the field  of designing, production and optimization of steel industry machinery, recycling industry, etc

this company with many years experience , step forward in industrial development and with observing international standards and mass productions is able to expand its  activity to respond domestic and foreign requirement.

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